How to Turn Mistakes into Opportunities

2018年12月6日晚上7点至9:30,事易好商务中心(陆家嘴金融广场)举办了一场名为“How to Turn Mistakes into Opportunities ” 的活动,活动的主旨即揭示企业家“中国式失败”之秘,为创业者提供经验及解决办法。 活动开始,事易好中国区总经理Sherry Chen女士致辞,欢迎大家的到来。 随后,三位演讲嘉宾各抒己见,用精彩的演讲打动了在座的每一位听众。演讲嘉宾和听众进行了热烈的讨论和深入的交流。现场气氛热烈而亲切。  

Dec 06, 2018

Commercial space for rent in makati

Experience the best Co-working space in Manila Looking for the ideal office space? CEO SUITE helps you to find elegant workspace in prime cities in the Philippines. We only...

Jul 19, 2018


The Future of Business: Flexible Workspaces

  Office life is now transforming, with millions of workers and more and more companies allowing their workers to perform their jobs at home or in remote sites instead...

Jun 15, 2018


The Increasing amount of Freelance Workforce

  As shared by Antara News, The Asia Pacific region has a thriving freelance economy with Singapore leading the pack as the top market for freelance talent hire in...

Apr 11, 2018


The Help Outsourcing Can Provide Your Business

  Outsourcing is simple hiring someone, or an agency that is outside of your internal workforce to do a particular project, or a task. Outsourcing tasks, beyond getting help...

Apr 05, 2018


Why Your Business Address Matters

  It is evident today how many start up and small businesses begin and continue operating their businesses from the comfort of their homes. As convenient as it is,...

Mar 21, 2018


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